Mypsychedoutshop is an established wholesaler/retailer established since 2009 and has decided to get an online platform to ease the purchase of its goods. Using chemicals to feel good or high should be private and we make sure of that. Our products are sourced with you the customer in mind, therefore we only purchase a product if we are certain of its quality. We are confident our prices are not only reflective of the class of product but also incredibly fairly priced. Communication is key and we are here to answer your questions day and night whenever we are online, we currently serve all countries worldwide and aim for next day delivery for our German customers. Thanks for taking the time to read about us, below you will find more details about our service.

Please READ this section for important information. Probably some of your questions are already answered here so please save everyone some time by reading this bit.

First of all, if ANY problem comes up, WRITE A PM so we can work on a solution -instantly

Orders are sent 4-5 times per week, but it can take 1 or 2 working days to process the orders.

Regular orders are sent with Discreetly shipped to your country. They fit into your postbox and don’t require a signature and are they not tracked. This is safer.

ALL of our packages are stealthy and blend in with other mail. We know what we’re doing.

Refund & Reship

– No Refund/Reship if you send us a incorrect Drop-Adress
– Refund/Reship is always decided individually.
– Reship will be within 50% of the order value
– No Refund/Reship by shipping to PS
– Oders above 300 EUR refund only by tracking possible
– No Refund possible for this Countries:  USA, NZ, CHN, CAN

We pack with very high standards, we choose our stealth carefully and use heat seal foil bags to hide the smell for the custom dogs. We use address labels and fake return labels to avoid customs getting suspicious.