Apple Afghani Hash (AAAA)

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Grade: AAAA

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Apple Afghani Hash (AAAA)

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Buy Apple Afghani Hash (AAAA)
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17 reviews for Apple Afghani Hash (AAAA)

  1. Hb99

    Boooom , i smoke that shit in a bong and it hits harder then tyson did in his good years .

  2. Yannick Demers

    That one of the best hash à smoke . Relax , smooth and enjoy.

  3. SandyG

    First time ordering and the product is Top shelf for sure.

  4. Jade wilson

    This is the real deal, proper 80 ‘s and 90’s quality hash! Not cheap but worth every penny,this is real black hash. Thanks

  5. Tanner30

    I liked it! Gonna order more. It’s tasty, nice light high. Just like black hash.

  6. wayne fillmore

    just as advertised I do like this product

  7. Steve22

    Top notch Hash
    Crumbles good for a blend.
    Pure pain killer and hellacious me sleep due to insomnia and arthritis pains.
    Better then weed and goes further if ou medicate properly.
    Bt’s bong with herb

  8. Hugh

    Nice texture, barely any taste when burnt, very subtle and light buzz. I was expecting a much better hit for afghani hash!! Will definitely try a different product next time!

  9. satan618

    Great hash. Will be trying different kinds. Delivery was quick

  10. nayan pilurtuut

    Very nice prod. Taste smell burn’s good.Remerber my young time lol. Thks

  11. Jason Ingram

    The smell taste and texture I remember! Great product

  12. Dale Meeuws

    good smoke with a taste and smell I remember from the early 90’s. would probably order this again,only problem I had is the price is a little too steep 🙁

  13. David bentitou

    Beautifull body relaxing,keeps u active physically at the same time,dosen t fool around with your mind with paranoia or others side like a very good tea or coffee in the morning!!i recommend to everyone!!

  14. Dave

    Very sweet hash, no-caugh, good taste, good buzz. 9/10

  15. John Hountalas

    Nice flavour, very smooth in a spliff rolled with some trim leaf, nice relaxing high without being overpowering. Takes me back to my CEGEP days! 😉

  16. venzessa

    Personally I don’t like the smell (smells like stinky hash IMO lol) but it is an amazing product, I ordered more! Very soft hash that packs a good buzz. Perfect for burning on cigarettes.

  17. etherealessence

    Great flavor
    Smooth, especially in a bong
    Great high

    Can’t recommend it enough.

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